Les Tulloch Caller and Cuer History


Les began dancing in 1983 by attending a learner’s class conducted by the Whitehorse Club in Melbourne.  It did not take long before Les was dancing at several clubs including C City Squares, St Peters & Mopoke.

Whilst dancing at C City Squares in 1986, Les took the opportunity to call at an amateur callers night and has been calling regularly ever since.  Les was also cueing easy round dances at clubs he attended.

In 1988 Les was invited to call fortnightly at a square dance group known as Latham Square Dancers.  It was also this year that Les decided to learn more thoroughly round dancing in preparation to attending the 1989 National Convention.  Les choose to attend the Around ‘a’ Bout North & East Round Dance clubs and was soon cueing round dances in various rhythms & levels.

Then in 1989 Les was asked to call weekly for a group known as the Early Planning for Retirement Group (EPRG) and continued to call for this group until moving to Adelaide in 1995.

Of course everybody knows the reason for Les moving to Adelaide was his marriage to Anne in 1994.  Together Anne & Les founded the Sunset Twirlers Club (including Rounds) in 1995.

Les has attended, called and cued at numerous functions including 25 Australian National Conventions, 1 NZ National Convention, approximately 25 State Conventions both in Victoria & South Australia and in total 18 SA & Vic Round Dance Festivals.  Les and Anne have also presented both Showcase and Experimental Round Dances and conducted Round Dance Workshops at all of the above functions.

As well as running the club Les has worked hard behind the scenes in caller/cuer associations and in organising events and conventions including Program Manager for 1998 National Convention and numerous State Conventions, Cuer Manager for the 2007 National Convention, Convenor for 2002 & 2004 SA Round Dance Festivals, Secretary for the 1998 Callerlab Minilab as well as being Vice President of the Vic Callers Association (1991/2), President of the SA Callers Association (2001/02) and President of the SA Round Dance Association (2001 to 2006). Les and Anne are also life members of the South Australian Round Dance Association Inc and in 2010 received the ‘Viator’ Award for attending the 2010 Roundalab Convention in the USA where they received their 15 year award for service to Round Dancing.  Les is also a member of the Quarter Century club with Callerlab recognizing 25 years of square dance calling

Les is a member of and holds accreditation with Callerlab, Roundalab, Australian Callers Federation, Australian Round Dance Association, and is currently Secretary/Treasurer of the SA Callers Association and Publicity Officer of the SA Round Dance Association and currently a member of the organizing committee for the National Square Dance Convention in Adelaide 2015.

Last updated 6th November 2014