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Article for Round Up June 2014

Hi everybody welcome to the club news.

What a wonderful night of dancing to celebrate our 19th Birthday. The theme was pirates and it was good to see so many dressing up and getting involved in the theme. Heard so many comments about how much supper there was there certainly was no excuse if you went away hungry. There are of course a lot of people to thank so if we miss anyone our sincere apologies. Thank you to Graham Elliott, Jeff Seidel, John Casey & Ian Rutter for calling, to Anne Tulloch for cueing, Greg Megow for the decorations, Peter Stavast, Marilyn Simpson, Carl Mullan and Karen McCarthy for helping set up and sitting on the door. To Eddie & Rosalie Lee for putting together the raffle.

Thank you to John Casey for calling whilst Les & Anne attended the National Convention.

Speaking of the National Convention several of our dancers attended what was a great convention. Also a great result for the 2015 National Convention Committee with the number of registrations taken. We have a number of club dancers on this committee and we are proud to have contributed to the success so far.

Our beginners are doing very well. Although down slightly on numbers from previous classes it is always good to see new dancers coming into the activity. Some of them attended the birthday as well.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Sunset Twirlers 19th Birthday - Cutting the Cake
L to R - Karen, Carl, Anne, Les

Sunset Twirlers 19th Birthday
Some of the pirates who attended

Article for Round Up April 2014

Welcome again to our club’s news.

We hope you were all on the ball and spotted our deliberate mistake in the advertisement last month for our Birthday. Unfortunately in an effort to take on board comments about the detail in our ads Les omitted the date for our birthday. The date is 10th May and plans are well underway - see the corrected advertisement - we hope to see you all there.

During February and into March we once again welcomed Sheila from the United Kingdom here in Adelaide to visit her family.

The first Tuesday in March was our Mad March Dance ‘M’ Theme. Thank you to the dancers who got into the theme. We had a Monk, Maid, Marine, Magician, Mabel (as in Dan & Dave), Mug, Moon, Mexican, Musician just to name a few. The was no shortage of “M” songs sung by Molly the Monk (aka Les). Also because it was shrove Tuesday we had some delicious pancakes topped with “M”aple Syrup plus other delicious topings as well such as jam, cream, ice cream. Thank you to Eddie & Rosalie for organizing the pancakes.

Despite our advertisement last month the club will now be dancing on Tuesday nights during the National Convention. John Casey will be calling - please see the amended advertisement.

We wish all dancers a safe trip over to Canberra and we hope you enjoy the National Convention

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up March 2014

Welcome again to our club’s news.

Congratulations to Anne on being appointed as convener for the 2014 State Convention. Anne has also co-opted several club members including Les, Carl, Karen, Peter & Jacqueline to help out so thank you in advance.

We hope that you are all coping with the heat. Thank you to everybody for your support so far this year. While we are on this subject just thought we would clarify our policy which is simple - we will be dancing no matter how hot it gets. Both halls that we use are air-conditioned. This way it gives you the dancer the choice whether to dance or not.

Anne, Les and a number of our members will be travelling to Canberra for the National convention so we wish everyone a safe trip. This also means that we will be closed for a few weeks please see the advertisement for specific dates.

We are once again conducting a learners class so from 25 March will revert back to a 7pm start learners, with mainstream commencing at 8pm and then a combined bracket.

Plans are also well advanced for our 19th Birthday on 10 May the theme being ‘Pirates’. Please see our advertisement for more details we look forward to seeing as many there as possible.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up December 2013

Hi everybody - welcome to the club news.

At the time of writing we are fast approaching one of the most wonderful times in our activity in the graduation of a learners class. Congratulations to all our learners who are graduating. We have actually ordered 21 club badges however some of them are to replace lost badges from years gone by and some are actually experienced dancers and also some from our round dance class who started in 2012.

Attendances have been up in recent weeks in particular our Melbourne Cup Night at which we numbered 37 with some absences as well. Thank you to Peter Stavast and Greg Megow for organizing the sweep and to Greg once again for the decorations. Congratulations to our sweep winners.

Congratulations to Pine City Twirlers on their 30th Birthday. Les travelled there for Saturday Night to find a packed hall and lots of great calling and a chance to catch up with old friends.

Looking forward to our Christmas Dinner and dance, don’t forget to book your dinner don’t want any one to miss out.

We hope you have a joyous festive season and look forward to your company once again when we return in 2014. Opening night is a Movie theme see advertisement for details

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up November 2013

Hi everybody, welcome to the club news.

We were very surprised and pleased to receive several interstate visitors this month. Firstly Daryl Looker from Gunedah NSW ex SA Caller and son of Bob and Brenda Looker. We also welcomed Sally and Rew from Kiwilers Club in Perth WA.

At the time of writing this news we are on the eve of Paddlesteamer Squares 5th Birthday. So in advance we say congratulations. Les has been continuing to help with calling on their special nights throughout this year and we still enjoy the calling of John Casey Tuesday nights. The clubs enjoy a close relationship and we hope they have many more birthdays.

Our beginners are now well into learning the mainstream movements. So much so we have decided on a graduation date which is the 26 November. Please see the advertisement for more details. Seeing new dancers succeed and graduate is one of the absolute joys of our activity so congratulations to all our graduates.

Looking forward to our Melbourne Cup night. We are running a sweep so if you would like to participate you need to register and pay the week before which is the graduation night mentioned above.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up July 2013

Hi everybody welcome to the club news.

Our 18th birthday dance was held on 11 May and what a smashing time we had. Just referring to the equipment malfunction which saw a supper table collapse just before supper. Fortunately not too much food was lost but sorry for any plates that were lost we are arranging a replacement. We were pleased with the attendance, thank you to all the dancers who attended. Thank you also to John Casey and Ian Rutter for calling and Anne Tulloch for cueing. We were ably supported by members of our committee and thank you to Peter Stavast (setting up), Eddie & Rosalie Lee (raffle & door) Greg Megow (decorations).

We have a number of dancers who are on the sick list at the moment. Virginia and Marilyn, so we wish them all the best for a speedy recovery.

Thank you in advance to John Casey for calling on 2 July whilst Les attended an Onkaparinga Council meeting.

Also don’t forget we are dancing on 23 July 2013 despite the calendar (see advertisement June Round Up). This is due to the Noarlunga Theatre Company changing their program of productions, not that we mind as it means we get an extra night of dancing.

Our beginners are doing very well, and what a surprise to learn that one of our beginners Malcolm Doyle is an accomplished Country & Western singer songwriter who has performed at Tamworth.

Sunset Twirlers 18th Birthday
L to R: Anne Tulloch, Dianne, Peter Stavast, Les Tulloch

More Photos Added

A variety of photos have been added to this website.

Advertisements for the June Round Up

Our American Night will be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2013. All dancers welcome. See the advertisement below for details.

We had planned to be closed on Tuesday 23rd July but we will now be dancing, so please come and join us.


Article for Round Up June 2013

Hi everybody welcome to the club news.

What a great time we all had in Gosford at the National Convention. It is good to see most back safely. Our dressed set outfits drew a lot of comment and thank you to all our dancers who danced in the set, you certainly did the club proud. Please see the picture.

Sunset Twirlers Dressed Set 54th National Convention Gosford 2013

L to R Les & Anne Tulloch, Brian & Judy Visser, Dianne, Peter Stavast, Rosalie & Eddie Lee

Also congratulations to Les for receiving the Silver Microphone award from the Australian Callers Federation whilst at the convention. The award is made in recognition of 25 years of club calling.

Australian Callers Federation Silver Microphone Award presentation to Les Tulloch, L to R Steve Turner (President), Anne & Les Tulloch, Nev McLachlan (Secretary), Gosford 2013 

A lot has happened during our 2 week recess. David Scobie has been in hospital and it was good to see him back dancing so quickly. Marilyn Simpson has also been in hospital and we wish her a speedy recovery and return to dancing.

Our first night back after the break was our Mothers Day dance and charity night. All proceeds including admission, raffle etc were donated to the Cancer Council to assist in breast cancer research. Thank you for all who attended on this night, and to the Port Noarlunga Arts Centre for waiving the hall costs for the night.

At the time of writing this news we are preparing for our 18th Birthday in fact the day after writing, so unable to comment. We are expecting a good attendance and will let you know in the next months news.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Mothers Day Charity Dance and closure dates

This year our Mothers Day Charity Dance will be on Tuesday 7th May. Come along and support this worthy cause.

Les and Anne will be at the National Convention in Gosford at the end of April so the club will be closed for 2 weeks.

Article for Round Up April 2013

Hi everybody welcome to the club news.

Firstly thank you to Heather, Jan, Don, Anne, Graham, Les and of course Brian Hotchkies for our 60/40 celebration weekend. Lots of great dancing. Just as well there was a public holiday it took a day to recover.

In February we held our valentines dance which was also shrove Tuesday. So to celebrate we had some yummy pancakes and thank you to Eddie and Rosalie for organising that. To all those who dressed in red thank you. Of course there was no shortage of love songs for Les to perform, “Love was all around’ but found we Don’t know a thing about Love’ however ‘Love was in the air’ everywhere we looked around, we found the peaceful easy feeling in ‘A Love Song’ only to get ‘Lost in Love’ but in the end were only ‘In it for the Love’.

Lots of planning currently underway by the committee, this month we have our All things Irish night and commencement of our learners class. We are dancing on the 19 March but will be closed for a couple of weeks whilst Les & Anne and several club dancers go to Gosford for the National Convention. The other good thing about the national convention is we will be represented by a dressed set. Thank you to Anne & Les Tulloch, Eddie & Rosalie Lee, Brian & Judy Visser, Peter Stavast and Dianne. Malcolm & Virginia were to be in the set however Malcolm had a fall and broke his shoulder, we wish him a speedy recovery. 

More Special Events in 2013

Some more special events are coming up in March, April and May.

Our 2013 Learners Class will start on Tuesday 26th March at 7pm, so if you know anyone you think would like to learn Square Dancing, please let them know. We will also be taking new dancers the following two Tuesdays, 2nd April and 9th April.

Also on 2nd April is our Easter dance, so come along and enjoy yourselves.

We are coming of age this year - Yes, we turn 18! Our Birthday Dance will again be held at the Clovelly Park Memorial Hall. This should be a really good evening so remember to put it in your diaries.

Article for Round Up March 2013

Hi everybody, welcome to the club news.

January was of course our Australia Day Dance. Thank you for all those who dressed the part or wore something Australian, lots of red white and blue, except for Peter in green & gold, board shorts and a bright yellow afro. The mini pie floaters were delicious and thank you Eddie & Rosalie for organizing this. Les sung about a place ‘Way out west’ where the rain don’t fall on our ‘Home Amongst the Gum Trees’ with a sheep or 2 & a Kangaroo, and whilst we were ‘Waltzing Mathilda’, ‘Love was in the Air’ everywhere we looked around, but got ‘Lost in Love’ only to find ‘Another You’

Plans are currently under way to commence our learners class which starts on 26 March (please see advertisement for details). Thanks to Karen for helping publicise the class with announcements on community radio and details in Seniors news. So if you know anybody who is interested please let them know.

Plans are also under way for our 18th Birthday in May, yes we are coming of age. Please see advertisement for details.

There is now some confusion regarding the no dance date for 19 March. It was supposed to be due to the Noarlunga Theatre Company using the hall, however I noticed a flyer on the door which indicates their first production is in May. So there may be a possibility we will dance on 19 March. We have been trying to confirm with the centre coordinator who was just as surprised as we were. Will keep you informed.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les 

Special events 2013 Jan/Feb/Mar

Some special events are coming up in the first 3 months of 2013.

Our Australia Day dance will be held on Tuesday 29th January, our Valentines dance on Tuesday 12th February, and our All Things Irish night on Tuesday 12th March. Come along to celebrate these occasions with us.

Sunset Twirlers Aussie Dance Ad 2013Sunset Twirlers Valentines Ad 2013Sunset Twirlers All Things Irish Dance Ad 2013

Photos from 2005 to 2007

Another photograph album has been added, and it contains mainly photos from 2005 including our 10th Birthday and the 46th Australian National Square Dance Convention. There are also a few photos of our 11th Birthday in 2006 and the 48th Australian National Square Dance Convention held in Adelaide in 2007.

Look at the photos here

Article for Round Up December 2012

Welcome to our club news.

The Devil once again was not in Georgia on 30 October he was calling in Port Noarlunga, looking for a soul to steal was way behind in a bind and willing to call a deal.  We heard about a Devil Woman with big green eyes and a crystal ball on the table, the gypsy with the gold capped tooth who gave us a Love potion No 9, did some old black magic, then the monster rose from his slab to do the monster mash, while the Ghost Riders rode off into the sky.  These were some of the tunes called by Les at our Halloween night.  Once again the atmosphere was murky thanks to the black curtains and dimmed lights.  Thank you to Greg Megow for arranging the decorations and to all who dressed the part.

At the time of writing we are preparing to have our inaugural AGM.  Congratulations to those elected to the committee, will follow up with that news in the New Year.

Also by the time you read this news we would have had our Christmas dinner and break up dance.  It was planned the same as last year so should once again be a good attendance.  Thanks in advance to Eddie Lee for organizing the dinner.

Well once again the past year has been good for the club - attendances remain steady, the committee are working well and the highlights were having 2 dressed sets at the state convention and graduation of our new dancers and we are looking forward to more in 2013

A joyous festive season to all our members 

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Photos from our Graduation night and Halloween 2012

Some photos from our Graduation night, held on 23rd October 2012, and from our Halloween dance on 30th October 2012, have been added.

Article for Round Up November 2012

Welcome to our club news.

Congratulations to our new graduates for 2012, Melissa, Mark, James, Julie, Bob, Erica, Margaret & Anne.  Once again we have managed to complete the class in time for our learners to participate in our Halloween Dance as full club members.

We recently held a charity night raising funds for the O’Halloran Hill Riding for the Disabled. Over 100 attended and raised just over $1700.  Thank you Virginia who did all the organizing, and to all our dancers who attended.

Looking forward to several events prior to the end of the year including our Halloween dance , our  first AGM as an Incorporated Association (end of November).  Details of the AGM will be provided at the club.

We are also looking forward to our Halloween Dance and our Christmas break up which will be a dinner followed by a dance on 4 December, bookings for dinner are essential see advertisement for more details.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up October 2012

Welcome to our club news.

It was indeed a shock to hear the news of the passing of Laurie Nankevil given that he was only dancing at the club the week prior and seemed full of life.  Laurie was a long standing loyal member of the club, both square & round dancing.  Whilst Laurie did not dance with us from night 1 it was close having been a regular dancer since the club moved to Cooinda Centre in 1995, and having danced for many years prior to that. His passion for dancing was only surpassed by that for his family and cars and having lived in both the city & country was never short of a story and was always willing to entertain us with his violin.  He will be sadly missed.

Thank you to Danae and her committee for a good convention.  We had 2 dressed sets represent us and thank you to Brian & Judy, Milton & Trish, Karen & Carl, Peter & Dianne, Bob & Brenda, Virginia & Malcolm, Greg & Marilyn and David & Claire.  The outfits matched the theme and looked great.  Thanks to Brenda & Virginia who were the organisers.

September has been busy with a come & try afternoon on the 2nd at the Hallett Cove Sports & Community Centre, thanks to Malcolm, Virginia, Anne, Greg, Marilyn & Melissa for helping out and dancing.  We had our fathers day dance on the 4th with Les making some homemade Bailey’s Irish cream and all the men receiving a packet of “Menz” fruchocs.  

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up September 2012

Welcome to our club news.

Whilst there have not been any special nights things have still been busy.  We have 2 dressed sets ready for the state convention and thank you to Virginia for organizing and making most of the outfits.  We had a dress rehearsal just to make sure the outfits were right and it looked fantastic.  There have been others involved as well, Brenda Looker for sourcing the material and the bolo ties and Milton has made some outfits as well (yes there is a hidden talent there).

Our new dancers who started in March are going very well.  They are now doing some mainstream figures.  The new format has taken a bit of getting used to. Starting at 7pm means any mainstream dancers helping are ready to go by 10pm.  Dancing after 8pm with the mainstream dancers really helps accelerate the learning.  Anyway won’t be long now until graduation and we can all dance together all night.

Holidays, winter weather, sickness, Olympics, have taken their toll recently.  The good news is that we are still dancing the magical 3 sets which makes a big difference to the atmosphere.  Just waiting for all the holiday makers to get back and we can take the next step in formalizing our incorporation by registering members and having the AGM.

Looking forward to the state convention and to our dressed sets doing us proud.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Last updated 6th November 2014