Article for Round Up April 2024

Hi everybody, we are sorry for missing the March edition of the Round Up, things just got hectic with Anne & Les having to travel to Melbourne to finalise Les’s mums house for settlement. The good news is settlement has gone through and life can return to normal. Thank you everybody for your patience during the sudden club closures.

We have had a terrific start to our Learners class. We currently have 12 learners and it is a welcome boost to our numbers. We are sticking initially to the SSD plan but the goal is ultimately to reach Mainstream. With several free nights on offer we have now made it to week 4 of the plan and looking forward to moving on.

With Les’s & Anne’s sudden trip to Melbourne we delayed our Valentines Dance by a week Thank you for those who brought Supper supplemented by Pikelets Jam & Cream. Sorry for any inconvenience to those who turned up on the original night we did not have time to publish the change in the Round Up. We also had a visit from Murray & Scotty that week for plus. Thank you to Scotty for getting up & having a go at calling.

Plans are well under way for our 29th Birthday usual venue, usual program (except Learners Squares instead of Rounds) concluding with catered dinner. Dinner will be as usual order and pay at the time, see our advertisement for details. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Screen Shot 2024-04-07 at 4.48.36 pm

Last updated 14th May 2024