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Article for Round Up May 2021

Hi welcome to our club news and we trust everybody is enjoying their dancing. Our special night for March was our Easter Bunny Hop. It was actually a week early due to Anne & Les being involved in organising the Round Dance Festival at Easter. Supper consisted of Hot Cross Buns which were delicious and thank you to Anne for organising the buns and lots of easter eggs too.

We have successfully made the change over on Tuesday nights. We are dancing mainstream from 7pm with a break for refreshments just before 9, then at 9pm we are learning plus. We have several dancers who are learning so we look forward to them completing the class and joining us for plus on Thursday nights.

On a sad note we were saddened to hear of the passing of Tim Cartmel. Tim would occasionally visit the club with Rose on our special nights.

Also Alison has been in hospital and we are pleased to hear the operation went well and look forward to seeing her dancing again.

Looking forward to our birthday especially since we were not able to celebrate our 25th last year (see advertisement for details). We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up April 2021

Hi welcome to our club news and we trust everybody is enjoying their dancing. Our special night for February was of course Valentines Night. Lots of dancers dressed in red. Ingrid supplied the decorations and thanks to Rose for assembling them and anyone who helped put them up. Supper consisted of pancakes topped with strawberry jam and cream and were delicious. Thanks to Anne for organising the pancakes.

Welcome back to Peter Stavast. Peter is a founding member of the club and a past President so it is great to see him.

From the 23rd March we will be changing the format of our dance on Tuesday nights to accommodate a plus class (see below for details). Our learners class have now completed all the mainstream movements, so from the 23rd we will be dancing Mainstream from 7pm. We are now planning for their graduation. The other good thing is they will be graduated in time for our birthday dance in May.

Speaking of Birthdays planning is well underway for our 25th/26th birthday (see advertisement for details). We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up March 2021

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying your dancing. Last month we mentioned looking forward to a more consistent year. Well fate has intervened again fortunately not due to COVID 19. We missed a week of Square Dancing due to the hall floor being resurfaced. It was supposed to be done in between dances but at the last minute we were informed by hall management that it needed another week. The upshot is the new surface is fantastic for dancing.

We were all sad to hear the news that Dianne had passed away. Dianne started square dancing with us attending a learners class in 2011. That is when she met Peter Stavast. Our sincere condolences go to Peter and Dianne’s family.

Our Down Under Ball was the first event of the year. Thank you to all dancers who dressed the theme. Thank you to Anne, Rose & Margaret for organising the supper which was party pies, marble cake and vegemite sandwiches and Wayne for bringing a big Australian Flag. Les performed all Australian singing calls.

Plans are currently underway for our 25th/26th Birthday Dance. The plans include the usual dinner (COVID Permitting). Please see our advertisement for more details.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up February 2021

Hi everyone, Happy New Year and welcome back to what we hope is a more consistent year of dancing than 2020. At the time of writing we have not yet had a night of square dancing.

We were all sad to hear the news that Eddie Lee passed away. Unfortunately the news came to us after the funeral so we were not able to send a representative. Eddie and Rosalie started dancing with us when we were still dancing at Marion (so in excess of 12 years) with most of those years serving on our committee, Eddie as both President and Vice President. They were instrumental in setting up our incorporation and club committee. Our sincere condolences go to Rosalie and your family.

One of the casualties of the COVID shutdown in November was the inability to hold the Club AGM. We are working towards getting memberships renewed and holding the meeting early this year.

Our Christmas break up was definitely the highlight in what was a difficult year.

We had our usual Christmas dinner (chicken and vegetables) with approximately 35 dinners served. Dessert was a delicious slice of Iced Christmas cake individually wrapped to meet COVID 19 restrictions. This was all followed by dancing with Les performing all Christmas songs.

We are looking forward to moving ahead by completing our current learners class. We are also planning a Plus class (more details to follow in coming months)

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up December 2020

We are just about at the end of a very unusual year and who would have thought we would have been in recess for nearly six months. Once again thank you to all our dancers who have supported us throughout the year. The recess has now led to our longest learners class ever having started in May 2019. We are hoping to graduate our learners very soon.

In October we held our Halloween Dance. It was the first time since we resumed that we have had a catered supper. Thank you to Rose for making the frogs in the pond, Margaret for getting the sausage rolls. Ingrid provided decorations with the witches cauldron.

Thank you to those dancers who dressed the theme and the executioner made an appearance again.
To all our dancers we wish you a joyous festive season and look forward to your continued support into the new year.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Down Under Ball 2021

Article for Round Up November 2020

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Things seemed to have settled down following our resumption since COVID 19 restrictions. Numbers have returned to normal with 3+ sets dancing Tuesday nights. At time of writing we continue with a split level nights starting with learners at 7pm. However it won’t be long until graduation with the learners now well into mainstream figures and everyone will be dancing together all night.

We cancelled our Charity Night this year, instead we are having a Halloween Dance. At the time of writing we are yet to have the Halloween Dance but will be a great opportunity for everyone to dress up and enjoy themselves, so more on that next month.

We also welcomed once again Pauline & Alistair, Karen & Carl to our plus night on 8 October it was good to have you guys again and great you have been coming on a fairly regular basis always welcome 

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up October 2020

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Hi all at the time of writing we have been dancing about five weeks and it is great to be back. Numbers have slowly returned to normal over this time. So once again thank you to all our dancers for your loyalty and support.

Despite the COVID 19 restrictions we managed to make our Fathers Day Dance (8 September) special with complimentary chocolates and Irish Cream.

We also had some unexpected visits to plus with Pauline & Alistair, Robert & Heather and Ros.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up September 2020

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Thank you to all our dancers who have responded and returned to dancing it was great to catch up with you all. At the time of writing we have only been dancing for one week. Numbers were slightly lower than normal however we had quite a few apologies so are expecting numbers to return to pre COVID levels quickly.

Everyone adapted very well to the changes such as no swinging or arms around ladies waist for promenades and courtesy turns despite Les calling the odd swing (sorry but it is hard after 34 years of calling).

Once again thank you to all our dancers for your patience during the past 6 months it is obvious the desire is still there and hope we do not have to stop dancing again.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les 

Article for Round Up August 2020

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Article for Round Up May 2020

There is an old saying from ‘hero to zero’. it certainly feels like that now over COVID 19. One day we were only talking about closing and within a matter of hours it became a reality. Hopefully everybody is safe and well. We have not heard of anyone from either squares or round dancing who have contracted COVID 19 and lets hope it stays that way. Thank you all for your patience although we have no choice.

Our last dance on 16th March was our Harmony Day Square dance. Unfortunately Les was struck down with the flu (fortunately not COVID 19) and in everyone’s best interest decided to stay home. Thank you to John Casey for calling that night and to all our dancers for getting into the theme and dressing in Orange. Thank you to Ingrid and Rose for organising the decorations and orange table cloths. We also welcomed Murray & Karen Dempsey who were promoting the State Convention.

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Unfortunately we have postponed our 25th Birthday. We are not sure what will happen because with all the events being postponed there may not be enough time do everything when restrictions are lifted. At this stage we are closed until further notice. So we can only say to all our dancers is to stay safe and we hope to see you all dancing again sooner rather than later we are still going to be here when it is all over.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Article for Round Up April 2020

The past month has been special in that we were blessed with not one but two international visits. Thursday 13 February we welcomed Stewart and Jacqui from England who danced Plus. Then on Tuesday 25 February we had a visit from Marianne and Mike from Germany.

Our special night for February was Valentines night. Once again a good attendance. Les performed all love songs although of which there was no shortage of songs to choose from. Great to see nearly everyone dressing the theme of Red & White. Supper was of course strawberries cream & ice-cream. Thank you to Rose for getting the strawberries and Anne for getting the cream & ice-cream.

Ingrid, Anne & Les visited Wild Frontier for their 47th Birthday congratulations. Congratulations to Les on being nominated by the SA Callers Association to sit on the Australian Callers Federation Board.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

ST Valentines Dance 2020

Article for Round Up March 2020

Our numbers remain steady with 4 sets dancing most nights so far this year (including the Down Under Ball). Good to see our learners enthusiastically participating in the special nights. Their progress continues and will be commencing their first mainstream moves shortly.

Our first special night of the year was our Down Under Ball. Great to see nearly everyone dressing the theme of Red, White, Blue, Gold or Green. Les performed Australian songs for the singing calls. Supper consisted of pie floaters (party pie in homemade pea soup) and lamingtons which were absolutely delicious. Thank you to Rose for making the soup and getting the pies, Anne for getting the lamingtons and for coordinating the kitchen, Margaret helped in the kitchen as well.

Les, Anne, Rose and possibly Maarty will be travelling to the Blue Mountains to attend the National Convention meaning we will be closed for 2 weeks. See our advertisement or visit our website or the SASDS website for dates.
Plans are well underway for our 25th Birthday. Of course the theme will be silver. The format will be similar to recent years (order as you go dinner). We will be entertained by our featured caller David Todd (NSW) who called for our 21st Birthday only this time we will be joined by his wife Rosalind who edits the National review. Should be a great time. Please see our advertisement for more details

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up February 2020

Our learners class continues to make good progress through the program. Numbers currently remain steady with twelve dancers.

In November we held our Annual General Meeting. The election for President resulted in Rose Wood being elected. Congratulations Rose. Thank you to Eddie Lee for several years service as President. There were no other nominations but since the meeting Margaret Dunstone has volunteered as a committee member. Ingrid Cottrell continues as Vice President and Rosalie Lee as Treasurer.

Our Christmas dance was a tremendous success. We ordered 35 dinners and had to send out for more. Thank you to Eddie Lee who once again handled the ordering of the dinners, Rosalie Lee for making the delicious puddings for dessert and Beverley, Dennis, Wayne, Pam, Gary, Sally, Trevor, Anne, Rose, Brian, Judy and Ingrid who all helped on the night with either setting up, decorating or helping in the kitchen. Rose gave a speech, thanked Eddie and Rosalie and presented them with a card and gift recognising their service. We also had a visit from a guide dog in training.

It is great to welcome everybody back for the new year. At time of writing we have only had one week back but numbers have been good so looking forward to a great year ahead completing our 25th year.
Happy Dancing from Anne & Les 

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Article for Round Up December 2019

Our learners class continues to grow, we now have twelve dancers with equal numbers of men and women. We are making good progress through the program

For our September charity night numbers were not as good as expected, however we did manage to raise $200 for the CFS. Thank you for all who attended.

In October we celebrated Halloween. Thank you to those who dressed the part, we saw the return of the "Executioner" only this time he had a much bigger axe. There was a visit from Count Dracula (aka Dennis), the usual spooky singing calls and a disgusting looking supper. We also unearthed a hidden talent amongst us with a special performance by Maarty and Zoe at supper time. Thank you to everyone who helped with the decorations as well.

Anne, Les, Brian & Judy travelled to Mt Gambier to attend their 36th Birthday. Congratulations to Pine City Twirlers and thank you for a great night of dancing.

We are looking forward to our Christmas dinner in December which is usually very popular and well attended. We wish all our dancers a joyous festive season and look forward to your continued support in 2020. 

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up November 2019

Our learners class is continuing to grow now with eleven dancers . The numbers are still as equal as they can be with five men and six ladies, a very welcome boost to dancer numbers on Tuesday nights

Mainstream numbers still remain slightly lower than normal. Phyl has returned from her cruise around Japan but rough weather caused some unexpected destinations. Anne and Les travelled to Melbourne to attend the Victorian Round Dance Festival along with Harvey & Diana. Gary & Sally returned briefly after their holiday in Europe and are off again for another couple of weeks. Eddie & Rosalie travelled down to Mt Gambier only to have trouble with the caravan which resulted in the caravan having to be left down there for the axle to be replaced. Anne has not been well and has missed several nights dancing, lets hope for a speedy recovery

Some of us travelled to Victor Harbor to help Paddlesteamer Squares celebrate their 11th Birthday. What a glorious day in paradise. Congratulations and thank you to Paddlesteamers for a great afternoon of dancing.

Our AGM will be held this month and we welcome dancers who would like to stand for committee and help Anne & Les in managing the club. Thank you to Ingrid and Rose for standing as candidates to the SASDS Committee elections . 

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up October 2019

Our learners class has now closed off to new enrolments. They have been dancing now for six weeks and numbers have settled down to one set equal numbers men & women which is both a surprise but very welcome boost to our numbers on Tuesday night.

Numbers are still being affected by holidays and illness but a slowly returning to normal. Gary & Sally are away on holiday for 6 weeks, Phyl is currently on another cruise, Dennis had his hernia done. Terri H is back from her cruise around Scandinavia and we very pleased to see Judy dancing again so soon after her hip replacement.

Some of us travelled to Naracoorte for the state convention. Thank you Alan & Chris Hall for organising a wonderful weekend . Thank you to Ingrid & Rose for carrying our banner in the parade.

On 3 September we celebrated fathers day. Everyone who wanted received a complimentary glass of Irish Cream with supper.

We also welcomed Ingrid for the first time on 11 September dancing Plus and as a left hand dancer as well . 

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up September 2019

Welcome to our club news.

Last month we mentioned our Spanish Night which was a very successful night, this issue includes some pictures from this event. Thank you to our committee members who help organise the night, Rose made a flag and provided the mannequin with the flamingo dress. Diana provided the excellent publications on the reception table and also information about Spain. We had mini tacos for supper which were organised by Anne & Les, Wayne made a Spanish flag as well. Thank you all who dressed the part, certainly some innovative use of red and yellow. We also had some additional decorations that night as the Noarlunga Theatre Company had set up the stage for their production of The Vicar of Dibley. The committee could not resist a picture around the meeting table.

Our learners class has got off to a great start on 30 July with one set of actual learners dancing and still more to come which will be a welcome boost to our numbers.

Speaking of numbers we have hit hard by colds, flu, injuries and holidays. Eddie and Rosalie have been away for three months but returned again on 6 August so welcome back, sorry to hear about all the problems with the car & caravan. Terri has also been away cruising overseas again

Looking forward to our charity night ,see ad below, hope you can make it.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up August 2019

Welcome to our club news.

My apologies to Diana because I (as in Les) forgot to mention her valuable contribution to the Carnival Night in last month’s news. Thank you Diana for doing the flyer for the noticeboard, decorations as well as making the fairy floss.

Our beginners class from 2018 have now graduated, congratulations to Mike, Vicky & Maarty who graduated on 23 July. This class also included Terry (lady) who learnt the left hand dancer role and Ingrid who learnt the right hand dancer role.

Now we have graduated the class of 2019, we commenced a new learners class on 30 July. Whilst the class has started we are keeping it open through to September so it is not too late to start.

Anne & Les travelled to Naracoorte to attend the Acey Squares/Pine City Twirlers the Christmas in July dance and also attended a State Convention meeting as well. Thank you for the great night of dancing. Looking forward to the State Convention.

We also held our Spanish Night in July but more on that next month.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up July 2019

Once again another memorable night for our Carnival Theme. We were very pleased at the wonderful help from our committee in the planning and staging of the night.

Ingrid once again came up with a beautiful backdrop. Thanks to Anne & Rose for the other decorations and to Phyl for helping set up the kitchen and supper, and Dennis for setting up the hall.

Speaking of supper we had all carnival food, hot dogs, popcorn and fairy floss, absolutely delicious Thanks to Ingrid for bringing the fairy floss and popcorn machines.

Les of course did as many singing calls to the theme as well as background music. And of course what else do you do at the carnival and that is play games in side show alley. We had had tossing the ping pong balls into the buckets which you think would be easy except you had to bounce the ball as well. Trevor won that game. Then we had egg and spoon race except you had to weave in and out of cones as well as transfer the egg to you partner (simples). Anne and Vicki won that race. The last was similar to egg tossing and catching except we used bean bags (not so much mess when it goes wrong) and after each toss you had to step back. Gary & Sally won that and were almost at the full length of the hall.

Finally thank you for all who dressed colourful to suit the theme.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Article for Round Up June 2019

Welcome to our club news.

What a fantastic night of friendship and dancing for our 24th Birthday. What talent we have amongst our club members. The Team Tulloch Cheerleaders were wonderful and came as a complete surprise.

The very clever blackboard backdrop was created by Ingrid. What an innovative idea to come up with not only the blackboard but the periodic table of Mainstream moves with their symbols. Ingrid and Rose also provided the mannequins with school uniforms which help create the atmosphere. Professors Anne & Les made sure everybody behaved themselves.

Thank you to Anne, Eddie & Rosalie, Ingrid, Rose, Tim, Bob , Gary & Sally for helping set up. Thanks to all the dancers who dressed the part and everyone who stayed back to help pack up. (see photos page 14)

The floor was full for the Round Dancing and we had three sets dancing the last Plus bracket The meal was delicious evident by the lack of noise in the dining room, all making it a night to be remembered.

We have had a number of enquiries for a learners class without having done any advertising. So plans are now underway to bring forward our next learners class.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Last updated 3rd May 2021