Article for Round Up December 2021

Hi and welcome to our club news, we hope you are all enjoying your dancing.

Our learners class is going very well with two more new dancers joining us bringing the total number of learners to eleven. They must be enjoying themselves as everyone has now joined the Club as members.

Our new Plus dancers have done really well since joining the Plus group on Thursdays. We have now covered all the movements from standard applications, so now it is just a matter of consolidation.

We held our AGM on 16 November. Congratulations to the following on being elected Iain Neillson (Treasurer), Margaret Dunstone, Wayne Avion & Beryl Bishop as committee members. We are looking forward to you working with Anne & Les in managing the club. Rose Wood did not seek re-election as President so we thank Rose for her work as President for the past 2 years. Unfortunately no one was elected as President, Vice President or Secretary however if there are any volunteers please let us know.

We wish all our members a joyous festive season.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les 

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