Article for Round Up November 2021

Hi welcome to our club news, we hope you are all enjoying your dancing.

Our Plus class has concluded and we are pleased to welcome four new dancers to Thursday nights. They are now consolidating with the help of our experienced plus dancers.

We have now started a learners class and pleased to say the response has been good. So far we have welcomed nine new dancers and we know of more yet to come and still two weeks left to take in new people.

A number of us travelled to Victor Harbor to help Paddlesteamer Squares celebrate their 13th birthday. What a great afternoon of dancing thanks and congratulations for a wonderful time.

No special nights during October and we are planning for our AGM to be held in November. We are always looking for committee members to help. As always looking forward to our Christmas dance (see advertisement below for details).

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les



Last updated 10th January 2022