Article for Round Up April 2022

Hi everyone at the time of writing we have had two weeks of dancing and no special nights to report on.

So far the dances have been well attended with only a few absences which were mainly not due to COVID. Our policy of being up to date vaccinated has been well accepted, however we did lose one couple from squares and one round dancer because of it. Thank you all for your cooperation especially the first night back when we were checking certificates.

Even more pleasing is all of our learners have returned including Geoff & Charisse who were not able to attend for several weeks at the end of last year. We now have ten learners and despite the long break have are making good progress since resuming.

Looking forward to our 27th Birthday please see our advertisement in this issue. Hope you can come and help us celebrate.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 12.11.54 pm

Last updated 14th May 2024