Article for Round Up July 2021

Hi welcome to our Club news. What better way to beat the winter chill than to dance and we hope you are all enjoying your dancing.

Sorry we forgot to mention in the June news about our Graduation Night. It was a great ending to what has been a long and interesting class. The class commenced in 2019 and was interrupted by the COVID shutdown last year. However we made it and congratulations to Russell, Pauline, Bob, Daphne, Glenis, Jasmin & Mark. Thank you to Murray Dempsey for presenting the packages on behalf of the Society. Also our graduates were the first to receive our new look badges. This is due to the unavailability of the gold dancers which were a feature of the old badge. Check it out when you see us next time.

Our special night for June was our British Night and we were pleased to welcome visitors from various other Clubs. Supper was Scones Jam & Cream and thank you to Anne for organising the supper.

Our Plus class is continuing well on Tuesday nights and have now completed about a dozen movements and we look forward to those dancers joining us on Thursdays. Speaking of Thursdays it was great to have Blythe & Irene visit us again.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 5.48.30 pm
Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 5.49.57 pm
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Last updated 14th May 2024