Article for Round Up April 2021

Hi welcome to our club news and we trust everybody is enjoying their dancing. Our special night for February was of course Valentines Night. Lots of dancers dressed in red. Ingrid supplied the decorations and thanks to Rose for assembling them and anyone who helped put them up. Supper consistedĀ of pancakes topped with strawberry jam and cream and were delicious. Thanks to Anne for organising the pancakes.

Welcome back to Peter Stavast. Peter is a founding member of the club and a past President so it is great to see him.

From the 23rd March we will be changing the format of our dance on Tuesday nights to accommodate a plus class (see below for details). Our learners class have now completed all the mainstream movements, so from the 23rd we will be dancing Mainstream from 7pm. We are now planning for their graduation. The other good thing is they will be graduated in time for our birthday dance in May.

Speaking of Birthdays planning is well underway for our 25th/26th birthday (see advertisement for details). We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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