Article for Round Up December 2012

Welcome to our club news.

The Devil once again was not in Georgia on 30 October he was calling in Port Noarlunga, looking for a soul to steal was way behind in a bind and willing to call a deal.  We heard about a Devil Woman with big green eyes and a crystal ball on the table, the gypsy with the gold capped tooth who gave us a Love potion No 9, did some old black magic, then the monster rose from his slab to do the monster mash, while the Ghost Riders rode off into the sky.  These were some of the tunes called by Les at our Halloween night.  Once again the atmosphere was murky thanks to the black curtains and dimmed lights.  Thank you to Greg Megow for arranging the decorations and to all who dressed the part.

At the time of writing we are preparing to have our inaugural AGM.  Congratulations to those elected to the committee, will follow up with that news in the New Year.

Also by the time you read this news we would have had our Christmas dinner and break up dance.  It was planned the same as last year so should once again be a good attendance.  Thanks in advance to Eddie Lee for organizing the dinner.

Well once again the past year has been good for the club - attendances remain steady, the committee are working well and the highlights were having 2 dressed sets at the state convention and graduation of our new dancers and we are looking forward to more in 2013

A joyous festive season to all our members 

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

Last updated 10th January 2022