Article for Round Up July 2019

Once again another memorable night for our Carnival Theme. We were very pleased at the wonderful help from our committee in the planning and staging of the night.

Ingrid once again came up with a beautiful backdrop. ThanksĀ to Anne & Rose for the other decorations and to Phyl for helping set up the kitchen and supper, and Dennis for setting up the hall.

Speaking of supper we had all carnival food, hot dogs, popcorn and fairy floss, absolutely delicious Thanks to Ingrid for bringing the fairy floss and popcorn machines.

Les of course did as many singing calls to the theme as well as background music. And of course what else do you do at the carnival and that is play games in side show alley. We had had tossing the ping pong balls into the buckets which you think would be easy except you had to bounce the ball as well. Trevor won that game. Then we had egg and spoon race except you had to weave in and out of cones as well as transfer the egg to you partner (simples). Anne and Vicki won that race. The last was similar to egg tossing and catching except we used bean bags (not so much mess when it goes wrong) and after each toss you had to step back. Gary & Sally won that and were almost at the full length of the hall.

Finally thank you for all who dressed colourful to suit the theme.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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