Article for Round Up May 2019

Welcome to our club news.

In March we celebrated St Patricks day with our Irish Jig Night. Lots of green outfits. Again Diana provided us with information as to who was St Patrick, it turned out he was not Irish at all. For supper we had potatoes with sour cream and coleslaw, thank you to Eddie and Rosalie for organising that. Ingrid organised the wonderful backdrop thank you (see picture).

Congratulations to JVC Squares on your 5th birthday, we had quite a few dancers attend a very enjoyable dance.

Anne, Les, Rose, Tim & Harvey travelled to Tasmania and braved the cold to attend the 60th National Convention. Congratulations and thank you to the organising committee for a wonderful Convention.

Just before Easter the Noarlunga Theatre Company had decorated the stage for their latest production ‘Round and Round the Garden’ which provided an interesting backdrop (see picture).

Our Learners have made fantastic progress over the past few months, in fact are now well and truly into learning mainstream figures. So looks like an earlier than anticipated graduation, well done everybody.

Hope to see you all at our upcoming 24th Birthday.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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