Article for Round Up September 2016

Welcome to the club news.

Once again apologies for missing the last edition of the news, just so many things to do plus not a lot of news.

Our learners class got off to a great start in May with approximately 14 new dancers and a fair proportion of men for a change. Pleased to say numbers have remained steady.

We received an SMS message from Claire Chittleborough who unfortunately had a fall and shattered her patella (for those not anatomically minded her knee cap). So consequently will not be dancing for a while so we wish Claire a speedy recovery.

Tuesday 9th August was one of those nights a caller would like to forget. Les whilst setting up, realized he had left the computer charger at home. After running two nights already on battery there was not much charge left in fact we got just over 1 bracket. Fortunately Milton arrived and we were able to continue, using his computer. What was interesting was that there seemed to be a lot of songs in common or at least in name. It took until the last bracket to find a tune that was the same. So calling was a challenge and also getting used to the different hot key set up. So thank you to Milton for saving the night.

We have a set in the dressed set parade including some first timers so lots of practice, so more next month on how they got on.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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