Article for Round Up August 2012

Welcome to our club news.

Sorry for missing the July edition. I guess the pressure of getting to a National Convention was just too much for me.

Speaking of the National Convention, I have heard a lot of negative comments - the only thing I can say is I must have been at a different convention.  From my point of view it was fantastic and enjoyable and I think Tassie should be proud of their effort.

The ARDA seminar was very informative and there was lot of new material and dances to work with.

The first Tuesday in July was our red, white & blue (American Night).  Thanks to Greg Megow who came up with the idea to make the flapjacks for supper, they were delicious.  Most people ended up having 2 mainly because we could not make up our mind whether to go savoury or sweet.

There is definitely no shortage of square dance tunes to American songs, mainly about cities, trains and prisons.  We rode the train they call the City of New Orleans, changing cars in Memphis Tennessee, then on to Amarillo by Morning up from San Antone, then let the lonesome whistle blow our blues away at Folsom Prison, found out why the Devil went down to Georgia, was looking for a soul to steal only to wake up in the city that never sleeps New York New York.  Milton also told us a story about a family called the Brady Bunch.

Thanks also to Virginia & Malcolm for organizing supper at the SACA Dance. 

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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