Article for Round Up September 2012

Welcome to our club news.

Whilst there have not been any special nights things have still been busy.  We have 2 dressed sets ready for the state convention and thank you to Virginia for organizing and making most of the outfits.  We had a dress rehearsal just to make sure the outfits were right and it looked fantastic.  There have been others involved as well, Brenda Looker for sourcing the material and the bolo ties and Milton has made some outfits as well (yes there is a hidden talent there).

Our new dancers who started in March are going very well.  They are now doing some mainstream figures.  The new format has taken a bit of getting used to. Starting at 7pm means any mainstream dancers helping are ready to go by 10pm.  Dancing after 8pm with the mainstream dancers really helps accelerate the learning.  Anyway won’t be long now until graduation and we can all dance together all night.

Holidays, winter weather, sickness, Olympics, have taken their toll recently.  The good news is that we are still dancing the magical 3 sets which makes a big difference to the atmosphere.  Just waiting for all the holiday makers to get back and we can take the next step in formalizing our incorporation by registering members and having the AGM.

Looking forward to the state convention and to our dressed sets doing us proud.

Happy Dancing from Anne & Les

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