Article for Round Up February 2015

Welcome back to all our club dancers we hope you enjoyed the festive season. As with 2014 we are looking forward to another great year of dancing.

Firstly news from 2014. On 25 November we once again had a very successful graduation night. We graduated 8 dancers and congratulations to Darryl, Pamela, Pam, Christine, Roy, Cheryl, Dianna and Liz. We welcome you all to mainstream dancing. Thank you to Heather Wheeler for coming down to welcome our new graduates on behalf of the Society.

Our graduation night was also our AGM. Peter Stavast was re-elected as President, Eddie Lee as Secretary, David Scobie, Virginia Thompson & Diane as committee. Rosalie Lee stays on as Treasurer, Eddie Lee as Vice President and together with Anne & Les will manage the club for the next 12 months.

Our Christmas break up was certainly a night to remember. We started off with Christmas Dinner. Thanks to Eddie & Rosalie for organizing the dinners. It is ironic that every year we have to find a new chicken shop because the previous one went out of business. The dinner was very good so we are hoping the trend does not continue. Thanks to Peter for organizing the fruit flans and custard for dessert. This was followed by lots of dancing.

First event for 2015 was a free dance to celebrate Peter Stavast’s 50th birthday congratulations Peter. 

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